1. Domicile conjugal


  2. Domicile conjugal


  3. Antoine Doinel with “baby Alphonse”

    this photo makes me feel really awkward…


  4. Truffaut directing Bernadette Lafont and André Dussollier in Une belle fille comme moi.


  5. When I’ve just shot a sad film, I have only one desire: to make a cheerful film.
    — François Truffaut

  6. Une belle fille comme moi - 1972


  7. Bernadette Lafont in Une belle fille comme moi - 1972


  8. Failure gets you down a lot?

    No.  It’s pretty stimulating, on the contrary.  I’ve gone through more periods of feeling empty and sad after successes than after failures.  I had violent spells of the blues after Les Quatre Cents Coups and Jules et Jim, for example.

    I think there’s something exciting about failure.  It makes you want to work fast, to start again, to say: “Come on, in three months I’ll be doing another one.”  Whereas after a success…  the expression “to rest on one’s laurels” was not invented for nothing.

    Interview by Pierre Ajame, Le Nouvel Adam, no. 9, February 1968


  9. During the filming of L’Enfant sauvage


  10. Short scene from La Femme d’à côté


  11. [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

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    Georges Delerue - La Femme d’à côté


  12. Fanny Ardant in La Femme d’à côté

    can someone restore this film? And every damn Truffaut film? He didn’t make that many films. Restore them all now.


  13. Fanny Ardant in La Femme d’à côté


  14. Jean-Paul Belmondo in La Sirène du Mississippi


  15. Stills from La Sirène du Mississippi - 1969